Wedding band repertoire

In this post we would like to talk about the repertoire of our Wedding Band.
During a wedding reception, we use to divide into different part the musical entertainment, according to the kind of venues, time, tastes of spouses and guests and many other reason.
Usually during aperitif and cocktail party the choice of songs is direct on a soft and elegant repertoire. Many are the songs in this part, maybe the best pop masterpieces ever, in fact are included in this list bands and singers like Michael Jackson, Maroon 5, Prince, Pink, Toto, Alicia Keys, Adele, Police, U2 and many more. This kind of repertoire obviously is in continuous update with the best hits of the moment, to permit to spouses and guest to enjoy a modern and actual musical choice always.

Here is the complete list of songs for the soft intro part of wedding receptions.

1 I’m not the only one                  Sam Smith
2 Right to be wrong                     Joss stone
3 Georgy Porgy                            Toto
4 Thinking out loud                     Ed Sheeran
5 Happy                                       Pharrel Williams
6 Stars                                         Simply red
7 Se mi vuoi                                 Irene grandi
8 Corazon espinado                      Carlos Santana
9 I’ll be over you                          Toto
10 If ain’t got you                         Alicia Keys
11 in alto mare                              loredana bertè
12 Every breath you take               Police
13 Try                                           Pink
14 One                                          U2
15 Out of reach                              Gabrielle
16 Everything I do                        Brian Adams
17 Rolling in the deep                   Adele
18 The best                                  Tina Turner
19 Crazy little thing called love     Queen
20 Amore disperato                      Nada
21 Figli delle stelle                        Alan Sorrenti
22 Home                                      Michael Bublè
23 This love                                 Maroon 5
24 Turning tables                        Adele
25 Viva la vida                             Coldplay
26 What’s up                              4nonblondes
27 The scientist                          Coldplay
28 I don’t wanna miss a thing     Aerosmith
29 Angels                                   Robbie Williams


In the next post we will talk about the most funny and wild Party repertoire




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