MUSIC WEDDING ITALY music agency based in Rome. With this BLOG I would like to introduce the services offered by our Agency and remind you that if you’re interested in our services at the moment we have some promotions reserved for our future suppliers.

The band is composed by highest level musicians, where they offer a repertoire entirely live, without using midi basis and sequences, with a repertoire ranging from pop and funk music for the aperitif and dinner to the best revival 70/80 music until the end of the wedding reception.
The band consists of five musicians, vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass and drums, also you can require a horn section in the band.


Our Dj set in 2015 has been chosen by Spanish brand Pronovias (wedding suits) as official DJset in Rome. Our Djs with more than 20 years of experience in the field of wedding reception and private party, are able to offer to the spouses and their guests the chance to be part of a rich show full of music and lights, as in a real dance club.



For those couple who loves soft atmosphere and relaxing music the best option ever is the perfect solution Duo Piano-Singer. With their repertoire constantly updated with the introduction of the best hits of the moment, they are able to perform music during the entire wedding reception, from the aperitif to the dance party after cake cutting. Many other solutions relative to this options are available. (voice and guitar – voice guitar and keyboard – voice keyboard and sax….)


Our jazz musicians take you back in time, in the elegant atmosphere of 40/50s, making you re-experience those emotions, that will make your wedding sophisticated and at the same time engaging. The repertoire of the band ranges from standard Jazz songs, embellished with spaces for improvisation as in the best jazz tradition.
Our musicians also have the opportunity to perform in various configurations to suit all tastes.
On our new website WWW.MUSICWEDDINGITALY.COM  you will find audio/video samples of the services above described and of many other musical proposals offered by the agency.


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